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Free Download Hindi Songs in Mp3 (2020)

Do you know how to download Hindi songs in mp3? Have you ever come across a website that does it for you without charging you a cent? If yes, you might have faced some of the other drawbacks such as excessive ads on the website or corrupted files. Therefore, we have a perfect site for you, which can be used for downloading unlimited songs. It also allows you to convert songs from one format to another too.

To do this, you need to head towards YTMP3 Youtube Downloader now! It lets you download Hindi songs in mp3 for absolutely free.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about it anymore because the YTMP3 YouTube downloader has your back.

Several websites are used globally to download various Hindi songs in mp3. Have you ever used any of the websites given below to download your favorite Hindi songs?

Best site to download Hindi songs in 320kbps mp3:

It has a collection of Hindi songs, from podcasts to different singer’s single playlist too. Not only songs from movies but it has singles and mash-up too. is a heaven for the the song’s lover in today’s generation. It provides unlimited access to about 30 million Hindi Songs, Regional songs, Mirchi Play and English Songs.


It is a very old Hindi songs website that consists of movies too. Therefore, if you are specially looking something for kids then it must be your go to website. Recently, it has become the very first company to cross 50 million monthly active users that includes it among the top five video streaming and music services globally.

This platform is also being used since a very long time. It plays radio for you as per your mood by playing songs from your favourite singer’s album. You can also get songs from the oldest Bollywood movies here but it should be downloaded first.


Although, it is a huge website but it is not very user friendly. Most of the songs here are paid and has to be bought before playing. Why would one waste their money on to listen songs when a global website like Youtube offers them everything for free?


It consists of a wide collection of Punjabi songs for all the Punjabi song lovers out there. But it might become a little confusing to use, therefore YouTube is much better than these websites.

These websites are used to download songs as people get to see a list of Hindi songs, and when they click on the name of the film, a complete playlist appears in front of them.

Instead of using these websites, you can go to YouTube and choose your favorite song in its video and then download it from YTMP3 in the best quality and format.

There are people who use YouTube excessively, and they want to save everything they watch in their device memory rather than YouTube library. YTMP3 is there for such people, and it eases their problem by providing them quick service. You can effortlessly download tunes, short Hindi stories for kids in mp3, Hindi songs, or anything

you want to see. Its best benefit is that it doesn’t depend on the length of the video or audio, which means it has an unlimited length option.

How to Download Songs from YouTube by Using YTMP3?

YTMP3 is an online platform used to download video songs in whatever format and quality according to your taste. You have to begin your procedure of downloading the song by opening YouTube. Now, you can proceed with the steps given below:

Step1, Select a YouTube video

Your procedure begins by choosing your favorite music, or music video that you wish to download. Look for its URL address that can be seen at the top of the screen in the address if you are using a desktop or click on share to select a ‘copy’ option.

hindi song playlist

Step2, Copy the link of Youtube video

Let’s suppose that you have chosen the following link (

Please copy it according to the method mentioned above and then return to the YTMP3 front page.

Step3, Paste the link

After copying the link from YouTube, you have to now paste it into the search box present on the landing page of YTMP3. Make sure the link is correct because you’ll be seeing a button of ‘Convert.’ It will convert your video in a few seconds.

ytmp3 youtube downloader

Step4, Click on ‘Download mp3’ to proceed with the downloading process.

After the conversion of your video is completed, you’ll see two options of mp3 and mp4. For downloading Hindi songs in mp3, select the mp3 option, and then click on the download button. You’ll see the downloading will start in the next few seconds.

download hindi mp3 songs

Hindi Songs are included in our forever go-to music playlists because it has it all to mend your mood. In such situations, you want your songs to be saved on your phone or laptop directly.

Everyone is hooked to songs these days, it doesn’t matter if these songs are Hindi or English, but people just want to stay connected to music these days. They listen to tunes while going for their offices or universities. It mends up their mood, whether it’s sad or happy. Music is the solution to every problem. To carry on with a smooth process, make sure to have a strong internet connection. We hope you have a good time using YTMP3.

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